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Get an Affordable Dental Implant in St. Louis

Dental implants don’t have to be expensive. In fact, with ActOn Implants, it is now possible to get an affordable dental implant in St. Louis. Dr. Slaven’s patients value the services of ActOn Implants, as we not only help them to achieve the look and function they’ve been missing with their natural teeth, but we can also save them thousands of dollars in the process. ActOn Implants makes it possible to achieve a beautiful smile — no matter your budget.

Dental implants from Acton Implants are:

An affordable, high-quality option
Placed by a local, established dentist
A natural-looking option for tooth replacement
Restored by your own dentist!
A recent investigational clinical research study published in the Journal of Dentistry Research found that dental implants are now the economical option when compared to tooth-supported partial dentures and traditional denture types.

If you are interested in getting an affordable dental implant with St. Louis implant dentist Dr. Matthew Slaven, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the many options available. We also offer easy payment plan options, putting dental implants within reach of most patients.

Affordable Dental Implants


ActOn Implants uses only the
highest quality dental


We guarantee implant
success. Ask about our no
fee ActOn Guarantee.


ActOn Implants are
affordable and the best


Get back the best smile of
your life, with ActOn

Currently Wearing Dentures? You’re Going to Love Implants!

Some of the things patients experience when they switch from dentures to implants include:

They feel more natural. Since most patients have natural teeth for the better part of their lifetimes, they know exactly how teeth should feel. With traditional full and partial dentures, it’s difficult to replicate that sensation.
There are more food options. If you are missing teeth and/or relying on dentures, then you know how limited your dining choices can be. By making dental implants that are actually affordable, Dr. Slaven is helping patients to finally enjoy the foods they’ve been missing out on.
Talking becomes easier. If you complain to your denturist about clacking sounds while you speak, he or she may simply say, “Talk more slowly.” Difficulty speaking while wearing dentures is so common they actually have a term for it “phonetic prosthodontic implication.” Implants allow you to communicate more clearly, and do so with confidence!
You can once again smile. Since titanium root implants allow artificial teeth and dentures over implants to be firmly placed, you will soon feel like they are a natural extension of yourself. Being able to smile with everyone you meet is an incredible confidence-booster.

Don’t Let Anxiety Get in the Way of Oral Health

Anxiety and outright fear of dental procedures causes many people to procrastinate and put off needed dental treatment. Pre-medications for nervousness, along with modern anesthesia given as a gas or through a vein in the arm, can make this experience easy, safe, and free of pain and anxiety.

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