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Common plan with 50% implant coverage & $1,500 annual maximum:
– Total Cost = $3,584 (includes implant, abutment & crown)
– Patient Cost = $2,084 (monthly payments as low as $99 per month)

The above scenario may give you a better idea of what your out-of-pocket expenses could be. Please keep in mind this is just a scenario based on an uncomplicated single tooth procedure. Dr. Slaven will advise you at your consultation. Call 636-467-5268 to get started.

You can get an implant for as little as $99 per month, even without insurance.

– Total Cost = $3,584 (includes implant, abutment & crown)

Full mouth or commonly called all on four dental implants cost:

-$18,000 to $22,000 per arch (upper or lower)

– Payment plans as low as $400 per month are available.

To help make our implants more affordable, we offer flexible payment plans designed to fit a wide range of budgets.

If you ask how much implants cost at other offices, you’ll hear different scenarios. Often it’s because your dentist performs one portion of the procedure and a specialist does the other.

We advocate for our patients by giving them as much value as possible. We try to control all of our material and hourly costs in order to be the most preferred implant provider.


Am I a candidate for implants?
We help almost everybody with health concerns with very few exceptions.

Dr. Slaven is a Periodontist that specializes in dental implants.

Almost everyone is a candidate for dental implants, even if you have been told you don’t have enough bone.

The person that can’t have dental implants is very rare and may be limited to a very few.

Medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease need to be managed, but should not prevent you from having this procedure done.

As a part of our consultation, ActOn Implants will discuss your general health concerns and may consult with your physician if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to share your concern. We find most people worry about the same thing and after they talk to Dr. Slaven, those concerns are gone.


  1. Offer patients from across the country a chance to visit St.Louis for a mini vacation that will save them thousands on implants.

  2. Dr. Slaven intends to make implants affordable for patients who didn’t think it was possible.

  3. Offer a no additional fee, ActOn guarantee on the materials and work performed at ActOn Implants.  We are that confident.  Just ask for details.

  4. Dr. Slaven offers two locations for your convenience.  Our Wentzville office or our St. Louis office in Ballwin, Missouri.

  5. We would like you to call us now to schedule your in-depth consultation.

FREE Phone Conference

Call for a free phone conference with our Implant Coordinator, Emily Burrows. Emily will answer your questions and provide an overview of the dental implant process.  She will discuss your expectations and schedule your private consultation with our Dental Implant Periodontist, Dr. Matthew Slaven.

We are available during our regular business hours at 636-467-5268.

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With an excellent track record of patient satisfaction and quality care, ActOn Implants is full of awesome people ready to help you regain the magic in a smile you’ve always had.