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We are the St. Louis dental implant affordable yet expert option.  Plus:

  • Your surgery is performed by our expert periodontist, Dr. Slaven.
  • We do not cut quality. We offer the same surgical steel material.
  • We believe implants should be accessible.  We charge $1495 per implant.
  • The entire procedure is completed by our team who know you and your case.

The implant is $1495 which makes our dental implants more affordable than you may have thought.  However, ever patient’s story and situation is different.  Several factors are involved in understanding the full cost.  These include the number of teeth being replaced and how many implants are required to support your replacement teeth.  There may also be additional procedures required prior to the placement of your dental implants.

However, you may not need an implant for every tooth that needs replacement.  Those suffering with dentures, failing teeth or no teeth at all can benefit from a limited number of implants that support a full arch.  This treatment option is cost effective and more affordable.

We encourage you to ask around.  We feel confident in our service, our implants and our pricing.  Call our office today and schedule your in-depth consultation with Dr. Slaven.

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With an excellent track record of patient satisfaction and quality care, ActOn Implants is full of awesome people ready to help you regain the magic in a smile you’ve always had.

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Affordable Dental Implants

Implants for $1495

The highest quality St. Louis dental implants, but still low cost, affordable dental implants. Cheaper than anywhere else!

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Not only do we provide education for our patients, but we are constantly advancing our own knowledge as well!

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Utilizing advanced technology puts us ahead of other dental implant specialists. Get only the best at ActOn.


ActOn Implants uses only the highest quality dental implants


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ActOn Implants start at just $1495. That’s an amazing price!

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