Dr. Matthew Slaven Talks About Quality Care

Dr. Slaven has been doing implants for 10 years. He strives to give the highest quality care, and the best possible service to help them overcome the burdens that poor dental health has on their life. His mission, above all else, is to make dental implants more accessible for people, and to improve the lives of every one of his patients.

ActOn Implants exists to serve this goal, and we are proud to have numerous patients give their on-camera testimonial of our quality products and service. Hear first-hand what it’s like to be an ActOn Implants patient.

Meet Laura Carstens

“I had such confidence in his ability, because he walks you through every procedure. The technology; I love the fact that when you look up on a screen and he can show you exactly what he’s going to do and that just brought me peace, and it took the walls down.”

Meet Amos Harting

“I’ve kinda found that Matt is a very aware person, as far as a dentist goes. He’s very talented. Plus he’s got a good heart.”

Meet Daren Carstens

“What an incredible guy! His prices were competitive, and I mean, lower than anybody else. We developed this friendship and relationship. He just really cares about us…. I wish I would have met him 25 years ago! I would have saved a lot of money over the years.”

Meet Paul Lambi

“The process was so simple… Getting a filling or a tooth cleaned is really more uncomfortable than getting an implant.”

Meet Garry Holmes

“I am very happy with the work that we’ve received… I’ve been able to have great success indeed, where beforehand there was nothing there.”