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ActOn Implants Success Story — Laura Carstens

ActOn Implants Success Story — Amos Harting

ActOn Implants Success Story — Daren Carstens

ActOn Implants Success Story — Garry Holmes

ActOn Implants Success Story — Paul Lambi

Dr. Matthew Slaven Talks About Quality Care

For over 10 years, Dr. Matthew Slaven has performed dental implants from his dental offices in Ballwin and Wentzville, Missouri. It has been Dr. Slaven’s mission to make dental implants more accessible to patients of all backgrounds and means. Every day, he sees first-hand how dental implants improve the lives and health of his patients. As the testimonials on this page demonstrate, dental implants can help reverse years of poor dental health, often enabling patients to enjoy more dining options, speak more clearly, and avoid the inherent burdens of traditional dentures.

Dr. Slaven’s mission, above all else, is to improve the life of each patient. ActOn Implants exists to serve this goal, and we are proud to have numerous patients give their on-camera testimonial of our quality products and service. Hear first-hand what it’s like to be an ActOn Implants patient.

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