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Dental Implants St Louis Can Afford!

For cost-effective dental implants St Louis goes to ActonOn Implants. So how is it possible to save patients thousands of dollars on dental implants?

Typically, an implant dentistry consultation goes something like this: You schedule an appointment with your dentist, who then refers you to a specialist. But, that’s not all. The specialist likely doesn’t actually do the procedure, so an oral surgeon is called in to perform the actual implantation of the rooting device. You can see where the costs start to add up, right? If you’re keeping count, that’s already three specialists to perform just one procedure. If that sounds excessive, you’re absolutely correct.

At ActOn Implants, we do things differently. Dr. Matthew Slaven is a general dentist and periodontist, which allows him to perform the entire dental implant procedure, including the consultation, exam, implantation procedure, and follow-up care — all under one roof. As you can imagine, this can save you thousands of dollars on dental implants since all services are billed by one specialist.

We are proud to be the affordable option on this type of procedure. Plus, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Your surgery is performed by our in-house periodontist, Dr. Slaven.
  • We do not cut quality. We offer the same titanium implants.
  • We believe implants should be accessible.
  • The entire procedure is completed by our team, who will get to know you and your case.

Dental implants are more affordable than you may have thought. However, every situation is different. Several factors are involved in understanding the full cost. These include the number of teeth being replaced and how many implants are required to support your replacement teeth or implant-supported denture. There may also be additional procedures required prior to the placement of your dental implants.

However, you may not need an implant for every tooth being replaced. Those with dentures, periodontal disease, or no teeth at all can benefit from full-arch implants.  This treatment option is cost effective and more affordable.

We encourage you to ask around. We feel confident in our services, our implants, and our rates. When you’re ready, feel free to call our office and schedule an in-depth consultation with Dr. Slaven.

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