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St. Louis Full Mouth Replacement

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Do you have a broken tooth? Do you have multiple broken teeth in a row? Have you lost the majority of your teeth due to age and decay? Did you lose some or one of your teeth due to direct trauma? Each of these questions has their own solution. In fact, each of these problems potentially has multiple solutions. The question is: Which solution is best for you?

ActOn Implants offers our patients the best solution to a difficult problem. In each case of the aforementioned cases, there is only one solution that works permanently: Dental implants.

Dental implants are medical devices that are installed directly into the jawbone. As scary as that may sound, this is a permanent solution to a permanent problem. Traditional dentures and veneers are largely cosmetic approaches to this problem. Dental implants look like natural teeth, but they also feel and work like real teeth. You will not have to worry about them coming off at dinner. You won’t have to restrict your diet because you’re afraid of how your dentures will respond to certain foods. Dental implants are as close as we can get to replacing your teeth with real teeth!

Dr. Matthew Slaven spent his time as a graduate student researching ways to encourage bone growth. Over the last ten years, he has used this research to help his patients improve their smile, regain their confidence, and enjoy the foods that they once enjoyed. Bone growth is a crucial aspect of the dental implant installation process. In order for the implant to take, the implant must be able to fuse to the jawbone. Dr. Slaven’s research helped him figure out ways to make the process happen more efficiently and more effectively.

In 2011, Dr. Slaven founded ActOn Implants. ActOn Implants uses USA sourced materials to build the products that will return your smile to your face. The company was founded on the premise that dental implants were prohibitively expenses for too many people. Dr. Slaven hoped to bring dental implants to a greater number of Americans regardless of their financial background. Today, ActOn Implants represents a cost-effective approach to dental implant technology.

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Tooth Loss is No Longer a Permanent Problem

Those who come into ActOn Implants to receive dental implants fall into a number of categories. But all of them are people who have lost the ability to comfortable smile. These are folks who may have lost an individual tooth in a car accident or another kind of direct trauma. They are older folks who have multiple teeth that are either missing or on the verge of falling out. They’re folks who have seen the quality of their lives decrease because they can no longer enjoy the foods they once enjoyed, smile confidently, or even speak with the same confidence they did when they were younger.

Many have come to ActOn Implants after looking into their options. There are those who could not afford full dental implants. There are those who tried cheaper solutions like traditional dentures. Folks who have tried snap-on dentures or traditional dentures often find that they come loose while they’re talking or eating. They have to be in a constant state of vigilance to ensure that they’re fastened securely. They’re folks who have had enough.

Dentures and veneers represent a half-measure solution to the problem. Not only are missing teeth unsightly, but without them, you lose the full functioning of your mouth. It becomes more difficult to speak and to eat. You need a solution that is not only cosmetic but useful. Dental implants look indistinguishable from the real thing while giving you false teeth that feel like real teeth in your mouth.

Dental Implant Technology is a Permanent Solution

Tooth loss is a permanent problem. Once you reach a certain age, your teeth will not grow back. They’re simply gone. Dental implant technology replaces your original teeth by installing new ones directly into the jawbone. While this may sound scary, our patients have remarked that the procedure for installing new teeth is actually more comfortable than getting a filling.

While dentures and veneers only address the cosmetic problems of tooth loss, dental implants provide you with a full range of use and false teeth that look and feel like the real thing.

What are Dental Implants?

Unlike other solutions, dental implants actually replace your teeth. To simplify this a bit, let’s say you have one tooth missing in a conspicuous place. You want to get it replaced because you don’t want there to be a major gap in your teeth. In addition, it’s impacting your ability to talk and eat. Dental implants allow you to get a synthetic tooth installed directly into your jawbone. The tooth is fitted with a new root made of titanium. The tooth is then fitted into the false root.

But what if you have multiple teeth missing over a certain area? What if the majority of your teeth are either gone or rotting? ActOn Implants has solutions to these problems as well. This includes a full mouth replacement option for those who are missing the majority of their teeth or have advanced gum disease.

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Dental Implants are More than a Cosmetic Solution

For those who are missing the majority of their teeth or have several rotten teeth, leaving those teeth in your mouth is a major risk. If the tooth is painful and beginning to rot it is almost certainly infection. An infection in your teeth can spread to your heart, your lungs, and your brain. They are all closely connected. Those teeth need to be removed before they spread an infection to a vital area of your body.

What is a Full Mouth Replacement?

Full mouth replacements are similar to arch replacements. In this case, implant-secured dentures are installed on both the upper and lower jaw.

There was a time when this kind of procedure could not be performed in cases where gum disease had advanced into the jaw. If the jaw was extensively damaged, then the fear was that drilling into the jaw would cause even more damage or that the implants would not be able to fit securely into the jaw.

However, Dr. Slaven’s research concerning bone growth allows patients to have dental implants installed even when there is significant damage to the jawbone. Indeed, there are very few cases today in which a patient would not be a candidate for dental implants.

Full mouth replacements function in a very similar way to single-tooth dental implants. In this case, a bridge is fitted to the gum line and the dentures are installed on the bridge. Unlike other forms of dentures, they will not come loose or move around in your mouth. Once installed, they will be installed forever—a permanent solution to a permanent problem.

How are Full Mouth Replacements Installed?

A full mouth replacement is a set of two arches. Each arch is installed individually into the jawbone. While each case will be different depending on an individual patient’s unique needs, there are some similarities to every case.

For instance, each case will begin with a thorough evaluation. Since gum disease can cause damage to the jawbone itself, Dr. Slaven will need to assess how much damage there is to the jawbone. This process will require a set of x-rays. At that point, Dr. Slaven will recommend treatment to regrow some of the bone if there is significant damage. This will ensure that the abutments have a solid foundation on which to install the implant-supported dentures.

The process of installing the implants is identical to installing individual dental implants. This is the next step in the process. In this case of a full mouth replacement, a set of implants will be installed through the gum line and into the jawbone. Temporary teeth will be installed while the abutments fuse to the jawbone. This can take 4 to 6 months.

Once the abutments have fused to the jawbone, the bridge will be installed in the place of the implants. In some cases, this may take multiple visits. Once done, however, you will have a full new set of teeth on both your upper and lower jaw!


Real dental implant experiences from actual ActOn Implants patients.

Read what other patients are saying about the dental implant services offered by Dr. Slaven and ActOn Implants.

I was told by my dentist that I needed three implants. I went to Dr. Slaven and another periodontist in town for a consultation. I chose Dr. Slaven. He was very personable and his staff was excellent. Dr. Slaven did all three implants and the crowns. I never experienced any pain or complications. I put this off for ten years and dealt with pain and aggravation. Now I wish I would’ve done it sooner. I also saved over $4,000 dollars by going with Dr. Slaven at ActOn Implants.

H. C. Abbott

Because of MS, I was faced with bone loss that required getting dentures. It was a hard pill to swallow. I went to my original dentist and he told me that my expectations were too high and that fake teeth would never feel right. I was so upset. Thankfully, I met Dr. Slaven and his team. He provided me with implants and overdentures. He was caring and professional. He exceeded my expectations. I now have a solid, tight fit. My new teeth feel natural. Most importantly, I have my confidence back. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Joan Baumgarth

I’ve had four implants. Dr. Slaven is a great dentist and his whole team is wonderful. They make it a pleasant experience.

Sharon Schad

ActOn Implants is the Top Dental Implant Company in the St. Louis Area

There’s no shortage of dental implant companies that provide patients with dental implant solutions. Of course, we think we’re the best for a number of reasons. Firstly, we provide dental implants at a lower cost than our competitors and we do this without sacrificing the quality of our implants.

Dr. Matthew Slaven founded ActOn Implants on the dream that he could provide more people with dental implants. Since, for many, the cost of dental implants is prohibitively high, there were a significant number of people who felt stuck with half-measure solutions like traditional dentures. Today, you can get expertly installed dental implants from one of the foremost providers in the State of Missouri.

Dr. Slaven has been featured in top publications across the country discussing his approach to installing dental implants. Instead of sacrificing quality to bring cheaper implants to his patients, Dr. Slaven instead cuts costs by buying materials in bulk and reducing overhead. This allows ActOn Implants to pass those savings on to you. Each of the materials that ActOn Implants uses is locally sourced and everything is made right here in the USA.

In addition, Dr. Slaven has dedicated his professional life to researching both growth and bone fusion. This has proven itself to be a crucial element in effective and efficiently installing dental implants that last a lifetime. The process of fusion between the implants and jawbone is what allows implant-secured dentures to act as a permanent solution. Once installed, the dental implants give our patients a full set of teeth that look indistinguishable from the real thing.

That outcome is guaranteed—in writing. If there are any issues with your dental implants, Dr. Slaven will work with you until the outcome is perfect. That is the ActOn Implants guarantee. There will be no added charge as we continue to work with you to get your implants functioning properly and beautifully.

Is a Full Mouth Replacement Right for Me?

To be sure, there are other approaches to cosmetic dentistry. But the majority of our patients have already tried those approaches and found them severely lacking. That is because dental implants are not purely cosmetic treatments. They are also utilitarian.

Determining whether or not a full mouth replacement is right for you will depend heavily on the condition of your current teeth. If you are missing one tooth or a few teeth, individual tooth replacements may be the better option. In addition, if you are missing teeth over a small area due to direct trauma, a smaller-scale solution may be in order.

A full-mouth replace is a nuclear option. In order to replace all of your teeth, we will have to remove the ones that are still there. If those teeth are not in good shape, are infected, hurt, or decaying, then a full-mouth replace is the best option.

When you come to our office, Dr. Slaven will help you choose the best option for you.

ActOn Implants Guarantees its Results in Writing

It’s not that we’re overly confident about our dental implants and the quality of our care, it’s that we want to ensure that you leave with a smile that you can be confident in. That is why we guarantee our work for those who come to ActOn Implants to get implant-secured dentures. We want to make sure that you leave happy. We understand how tooth problems can reduce the quality of a person’s life. We understand that missing teeth are not attractive and they reduce your confidence in other ways too. It’s harder to speak. Mealtime isn’t as enjoyable as it once was. You’re either limited in what you can eat or you have to worry about what your dentures are going to do. ActOn Implants guarantees its results because we’re passionate about helping people.

Talk to a St. Louis Periodontist about a Full Mouth Replacement

Dr. Slaven has turned his passion into helping people regain their smile into ActOn Implants—a company that thrives on helping patients throughout the state of Missouri. If you are considering a full mouth replacement or want to explore your options for replacing missing teeth with dental implants, give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.

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