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The periodontist at ActOn Implants, Dr. Matt Slaven, is one of the most referred dental implant periodontists in St Louis and the surrounding areas. You may have read about us in GuidedSmile, Redbook, or Good Housekeeping. The results are real. The savings are real. And, you too can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with dental implants. 
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Considering Dental Implants?
Choose a Periodontist, St. Louis!

We are your one team. Start to finish — all under one roof! Are you looking for a specialist to perform a dental implant procedure? Consider choosing a periodontist. St. Louis patients regularly rely on the care and expertise of Dr. Matthew Slaven at ActOn Implants. As a periodontist specializing in dental implants, Dr. Slaven can examine your oral health and jaw structure to determine if you are an ideal candidate. He will also be there to perform the procedure and then meet with you afterwards to guide you through the follow-up care process. And, there’s the cost savings.

By working with one team of oral health professionals (instead of two or three), you can save thousands of dollars when you compare ActOn Implants to similar dental implant specialists. Now isn’t that something to smile about?

Whether you choose to have the procedure performed at either our Ballwin or Wentzville dental office, the entire process will be conducted by one team, under one roof.

Going to a Periodontist for Implants…
It Just Makes Sense

As a periodontist serving St. Louis area patients, Dr. Slaven is qualified to assess the health of the jawbone and perform dental implant procedures. ActOn Implants stays up to date on the latest technologies and practices in order to provide patients with the best possible experience.

Save Your Smile (and Some Money, Too)

Dr. Slaven — like our patients — is conscious about the cost of these procedures. Therefore, we make every attempt to cut costs without reducing quality of care. This means working with suppliers to purchase materials (such as titanium rooting devices) in bulk, and controlling our hourly costs. He might just describe himself as dentist trying to do his best work, but patients see him as advocate working to help individuals of all means to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

These initiatives allow ActOn Implants to be one of the largest and most-referred providers of dental implants in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. We’d be happy to arrange a consultation to walk you through the dental implant process — call us today at 636-467-5268.

Real People Solving Real Problems
Real People Solving Real Problems

Real people, just like you, have solved their dental problems with ActOn Implants

Low Cost, High Quality Solutions
Low Cost, High Quality Solutions

Dental implants aren’t about your teeth. They’re about improving your entire life.

Innovative Ideas and Technology
Innovative Ideas and Technology

With advanced technology, superior quality, and world-class service.

Flexible Payment Options and Plans
Flexible Payment Options and Plans

Don’t let your situation get worse because of finances. Let ActOn help you now!

See What Patients are Saying

Read what other patients are saying about the dental implant services offered by Dr. Slaven and ActOn Implants. At ActOn Implants, we emphasize patient comfort, professionalism, and of course — affordable dental implants! See what patients are saying by reading these testimonials from real patients.

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Discover the ActOn Difference.

We’re not just changing teeth. We’re changing lives!

At ActOn Implants, we believe there is a very strong connection between people’s happiness and quality of life, and their teeth. We aim to improve both! Most people never think about things the way we do, and they’ll let their teeth disrupt their lives far longer than they ever should. If you can’t eat because of your teeth, or you’re tired of spending money at the dentist because of your dentures, partials, or crowns, then ActOn Implants is exactly who you should be talking to.

  • Expert dental care

  • Industry leading technology

  • The safest, most secure environment

  • State of the art equipment

  • Experience an improved life

  • More self confidence with every smile

  • Prevent more serious conditions

  • Eliminate all your pain

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