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In the past, a pair of dentures was a primary way of restoring your smile after losing teeth. Dentures allowed you to chew somewhat, as long as you didn’t over-stress them. However, there were certain foods that you had to be careful with or avoid. Maintaining dentures also took a lot of time and effort.

All that to say dentures were not an ideal solution.

Today, dental implants are widely available to those who would have otherwise been stuck with dentures. Implants are not fixed to your gums like traditional dentures, but instead, are fused directly to your jawbone. The titanium fixtures actually become part of your jaw and the implants are fitted into the fixtures. Even if something goes wrong with one of the implants, another implant can replace it once the fixtures are installed.

Dental implants are more than just a cosmetic facade. They actually return all of the functionality that was lost when you first lost your teeth. They look like the real thing; they feel like the real thing; and they act like the real thing. You will not be limited in what kinds of foods you can enjoy. You’ll be able to chew all of your favorite foods, retain your jaw structure, and smile with confidence.

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Single-Tooth Replacement for St. Charles Residents

If you are missing just one tooth, then a single-tooth replacement procedure is what you want.

This affordable procedure is perfect for those who lost a tooth due to a sports injury, car accident, or some other kind of trauma that only affected a single tooth.

The process is relatively straightforward. When you schedule your first appointment with us, we will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and come up with a customized treatment plan just for you.

Call us today to get started.

ActOn Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are an affordable option for those who have lost a number of teeth all in a row.

Instead of an individual abutment fitted to a single tooth (as with a single-tooth implant), you have dentures that are retained and supported by four or more dental implants.

What this means is that the denture does not rest on the gums. It also means, your dentures will be more stable and stay in place.

Contact our office today to find out if this procedure is right for you.

ActOn Whole Mouth Replacements

In some cases, those with advanced periodontal disease and serious tooth loss will be better off replacing all of the teeth in their mouth rather than replacing some of the teeth individually. In these cases, the decayed teeth will be removed and then replaced with fixed titanium bridges in both the upper and lower jaw. These will form the foundation for multiple implants which will look, feel, and give you the full use of real teeth.

In fact, many of our clients say that their whole-mouth replacement looks better than their original set of teeth ever did!

Tooth Loss is Not Just a Cosmetic Problem

When a person loses a tooth, a number of things happen and all of them negatively impact your overall oral health.

  1. Your teeth begin to drift apart. In order to fill in the gap left behind by the missing tooth, the other teeth begin to drift apart. This creates smaller gaps between those teeth that become beacons for plaque and bacteria to grow. This increases the rate of periodontal disease, tooth decay, and reduces your overall oral health considerably.
  2. Your jawbone begins to recede. Your jaw relies on the constant pressure and use caused by chewing to regrow itself. It is worn down a tiny bit each time you take a bite and the stimulates the process of regrowth. In the absence of this stimulation, the jawbone begins to recede. In cases where you see older people with sunken cheekbones, it’s because they’re missing a lot of teeth and their cheeks have begun to sink in where the jawbone is missing.
  3. Your gum disease gets worse. Because there are more gaps in your teeth where the teeth have drifted apart, the chances that your gum disease will continue to get worse is very high. This, in turn, causes more problems for your remaining teeth and advanced gum disease can cause further erosion to the jawbone.
  4. The infection can spread elsewhere. Your mouth connects to the rest of your body. Your brain, your heart, and your lungs are all connected to your mouth. The bacteria in your mouth causing your gum disease can spread to these other parts of your body. Those with gum disease are at increased risk of heart disease, stroke, lung infection, and even brain infection.

It is absolutely false that a missing tooth is merely a cosmetic problem. It isn’t. Dental implants not only address the cosmetic problems caused by a lost tooth, but they also prevent serious medical consequences listed above. Traditional dentures, veneers, and other solutions don’t.

Choose ActOn Implants For Your St. Charles, Missouri Dental Implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or many, Dr. Slaven and his team can help. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation. During your first consultation, Dr. Slaven will work with you to provide a customized, affordable plan for replacing your teeth and helping you get the smile you want.


Real dental implant experiences from actual ActOn Implants patients.

Read what other patients are saying about the dental implant services offered by Dr. Slaven and ActOn Implants.

I was told by my dentist that I needed three implants. I went to Dr. Slaven and another periodontist in town for a consultation. I chose Dr. Slaven. He was very personable and his staff was excellent. Dr. Slaven did all three implants and the crowns. I never experienced any pain or complications. I put this off for ten years and dealt with pain and aggravation. Now I wish I would’ve done it sooner. I also saved over $4,000 dollars by going with Dr. Slaven at ActOn Implants.

H. C. Abbott

Because of MS, I was faced with bone loss that required getting dentures. It was a hard pill to swallow. I went to my original dentist and he told me that my expectations were too high and that fake teeth would never feel right. I was so upset. Thankfully, I met Dr. Slaven and his team. He provided me with implants and overdentures. He was caring and professional. He exceeded my expectations. I now have a solid, tight fit. My new teeth feel natural. Most importantly, I have my confidence back. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Joan Baumgarth

I’ve had four implants. Dr. Slaven is a great dentist and his whole team is wonderful. They make it a pleasant experience.

Sharon Schad

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If you have lost one or more teeth, you may feel discouraged, embarrassed, and downright down on yourself. While this is understandable, there is no reason that you should have to continue feeling this way. Dr. Slaven and our team at ActOn Implants are prepared to help you create a dazzling smile and restore your self-confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our process and to discuss whether or not we think implants are right for you.

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