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Tooth Extraction

Sometimes the after-effects of oral surgery are quite minimal, so not all of these instructions may apply. Common sense will often dictate what you should do. However, if there is any doubt as to what you should do, follow these guidelines below. If you have any questions, just give our offices a call at (636) 467-5268

Day of Tooth Extraction

FIRST HOUR AFTER A TOOTH EXTRACTION: Bite down firmly on the gauze that has been placed over the surgical areas, making sure it remains in place. Change the gauze every 15-20 minutes to control the bleeding. If active bleeding persists after one hour, place enough new gauze to obtain pressure over the surgical site for another 30-60 minutes. The gauze may be changed as necessary and may be dampened and/or fluffed for more comfortable positioning.

Begin using ice packs. Start a liquid diet and prepare to take pain medication and antibiotics if prescribed. Do not drink through a straw, smoke, or spit because these actions will increase the bleeding.

Possible Complications

There are a variety of complications that can occur from a tooth extraction. Be sure to exercise care and don’t disturb the surgical area. Some possible events include oozing and bleeding, swelling, and more.

Be sure to ask our highly skilled and knowledgable staff any questions you have regarding your tooth extraction at ActOn Implants in St. Louis, Missouri.

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