About ActOn Implants

Quality dental implants don’t have to be expensive – ActOn Implants make a beautiful smile possible for every budget.

ActOn Dental Implants are

  • An affordable, high-quality option
  • Placed by a local, established dentist
  • A natural-looking option for tooth replacement
  • Restored by your own dentist!

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Anxiety and outright fear of dental procedures causes many people to procrastinate and put off needed dental treatment. Premedications for nervousness, along with modern anesthesia given as a gas or through a vein in the arm, can make this experience easy, safe, and free of pain and anxiety.

ActOn Implants — Quality Work Done Every Time

We are the Mid West dental implant specialists offering an incredible opportunity to access the best dental technology. People just like you travel all over the country to come to St. Louis for our implants, and you should too! See why, and get an appointment today!

If you are traveling and need assistance, please let our coordinator know.  The airport code for the Lambert St. Louis Airport is STL.

Affordable Dental Implants

Implants for $1495

The highest quality St. Louis dental implants, but still low cost, affordable dental implants. Cheaper than anywhere else!

Safe and Secure

No need to worry at ActOn Implants. We have the right medications, experience, and people making you comfortable.

Continuing Education

Not only do we provide education for our patients, but we are constantly advancing our own knowledge as well!

The Best Technology

Utilizing advanced technology puts us ahead of other dental implant specialists. Get only the best at ActOn.


ActOn Implants uses only the highest quality dental implants.


We guarentee you’ll feel well taken care of at ActOn Implants.

$1495 Implants

ActOn Implants start at just $1495. That’s an amazing price!

A Beautiful Smile

Get back the best smile of your life, with ActOn Implants.