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Dental Implants

The Pros and Cons of Same Day Dental Implants

If you are dealing with missing teeth, you may be wondering if dental implants are right for you. Dental implants look just like natural teeth, and they can transform your smile and the way you feel about yourself.

Although same-day implants may be a perfect solution for some people, there is some debate among dental professionals about their effectiveness.

If you’re considering this dental implant procedure, we can help.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of same-day dental implants.

Pros of Same-Day Dental Implants

If you’re thinking about same-day dental implants, you may be wondering how long the process takes. It may surprise you to learn that it’s possible to get dental implants in a single visit.

Here are a few benefits of same-day dental implants.


With traditional implants, you may have to wait months until you can complete the dental implant process. With same-day implants, you can have the procedure done in one visit.

That’s less time away from work and fewer trips to see your dentist.

Less Stress

Traditional implants can often involve multiple dental visits and multiple procedures. The procedure for same-day implants is more streamlined and less stressful.

Faster Healing

There’s a shorter dental implant recovery time for same-day implants compared to traditional implants. Typically, you can expect to heal in two to four weeks. With traditional implants, healing may take six to eight weeks.

Cons of Same Day Dental Implants

Although many people choose same-day implants, there are some cons you should consider before deciding what’s right for you. Some potential cons include:

Higher Cost

Just like any new medical procedure, same-day dental implant costs may be higher than traditional implants. However, the difference in cost isn’t as significant as you might think.

Higher Risk of Complications

With any medical procedure, there’s always a risk of complications. There is a small risk of implant failure with same-day dental implants.

Not Suitable for Everyone

Same-day implants are not a solution for everyone. If you have a complex medical condition or take certain medications, same-day implants may not be an option. Talk to your dentist about whether these implants may be right for you.

Traditional vs Same-Day

Traditional dental implants have been used for decades as a solution for missing and damaged teeth. They can transform the look of your smile, improve your oral health, and help you feel better about your appearance.

Same-day implants are relatively new but provide a shorter healing time and a shorter overall implant process. If you’re looking at options for dental implants, talk to a dental professional about the options available to you.

Your dentist will consider your medical history, the condition of your jawbone, and overall health to determine if same-day implants are right for you.

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

If you’re tired of dealing with missing or damaged teeth, same-day dental implants may be a perfect solution. Dental implants can transform your smile, improve your appearance, and benefit your oral health.

At ActOn Implants, we know the amazing impact dental implants have on our patients’ lives. We would love to talk to you about your dental concerns and whether dental implants may be an option to restore your smile.

Contact Dr. Slaven today to schedule a consultation.

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