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Dental Implants

A Quick Guide to Dental Implant Aftercare

By March 30, 2023No Comments

Did you know that around 2.2% of people in the United States between the ages of 20 and 64 don’t have any teeth? People may lose their teeth for a variety of reasons, and missing teeth can hurt a person’s self-esteem. If you are missing a tooth or more than one tooth, dental implants can replace them and you can get back your confidence to smile. 

But what about the dental implant aftercare process? After all, the dental implant procedure is quite an invasive procedure, so what will the recovery process be like? Keep reading and learn more about how to care for your dental implants once you get them.

The Basics of Dental Implant Aftercare

Getting a tooth implant is quite invasive because the first step involves drilling a metal post into your jawbone. Doing this is necessary to anchor the entire implant in place. Once the jawbone grows around the post, that post will be solidified in place. 

The next step is to put the abutment on, and then the crown, which looks just like a real tooth. The abutment is placed between the metal post and crown to act as a buffer. Once that’s done, your implant will be finished and ready to go. 

The first part of the aftercare process will occur once you get the metal post. This step will require several weeks of healing time because your jawbone will need time to grow around the post. During this time, your gums will be red and swollen and they may bleed occasionally. 

It is important to keep your mouth clean, but don’t brush the area that has been treated. You may also want to stay clear of crunchy or extra-chewy foods like pretzels or gum, as they may damage your gums and make them even more irritated. To help the pain after the procedure, your dentist will likely recommend that you take some over the counter pain medication. 

The Details

Putting an ice pack against your mouth can also help reduce the swelling in the area. After this first stage, and when it is time to install the rest of your implant, it will be necessary to cut open your gums to reach the metal post and attach the crown. At that point, installing the dental implant will be finished and all you need to worry about is keeping the area clean. 

The second part of the procedure, which involves installing the crown, is not as invasive as the first part. However, your gums will likely still be quite swollen and red. These side effects will go away on their own as long as you keep your mouth clean and avoid anything that will scrape or otherwise irritate your gums. 

As long as you do that, your dental implants should look great and your mouth should feel great. 

All About Dental Implant Aftercare

Dental implant aftercare is not as difficult as you might think, but there are certain things you need to consider. For one, you need to keep your mouth clean and avoid anything that will irritate your gums such as hard foods or brushing your teeth too hard. A cold pack can also reduce swelling and numb the pain. 

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