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A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Dental Implants?

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types of Dental implants

120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. More than 36 million Americans don’t have any teeth at all.

When you are missing a tooth, you might feel less than confident about your appearance.

The good news? It can be easy and affordable to get the perfect smile with dental implants.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of dental implants that can change your life today.

Single Dental Implants

If you’re only missing a single tooth, your best option is likely a single dental implant.

Single dental implants only require a single post and crown. If you are missing one tooth, you can expect your dentist to help you determine the best type of dental implant and to create a custom treatment plan based on your needs.

Single dental implants are placed using surgical-guided technology. This procedure should not be painful and your dental team will make sure you are comfortable throughout your appointment.

Because the post will be placed within your jawbone, it takes around 3 to 4 months for your own bone to fuse with the post. After this waiting period, your dentist will connect a custom crown to your tooth using an abutment. Because your tooth will be replaced from root to crown, your implant will look and feel just like a natural tooth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

If you are missing multiple teeth next to each other, you can save money by opting for an implant-supported bridge over multiple single dental implants.

With a dental bridge, you will have crowns on each side of your gap. There will be an artificial tooth in the middle that is held in place by those crowns.

But, instead of attaching those crowns to your teeth, the crowns will be connected to dental implants. This means that for two of your missing teeth, the process will be similar to getting a single dental implant.

However, for the missing teeth in between them, you won’t need additional implants. The bridge will hold the artificial teeth in place.

Choosing this option over single dental implants can save you money as you won’t need to have an implant for each missing tooth.

Implant-Retained Dentures

If you’re missing all or the majority of your teeth, you may opt for implant-retained dentures.

Dentures are an arch of artificial teeth that rest on your gumline and provide the appearance of a full set of natural teeth. Dentures are usually removable which can cause all sorts of problems.

If you don’t want your dentures to be removable, they can be secured with dental implants.

Are You Considering One of These Types of Dental Implants?

Are you ready for a new, natural-looking smile?

When you look good and feel confident in your appearance, you feel good overall.

If you’re considering one of these types of dental implants to improve your smile, we want to talk to you. Click here to contact us today to learn more about how we can design a custom dental implant plan for your teeth.

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