How Soon After a Tooth Extraction Can I Get an Implant?

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Many of our patients ask us how long after tooth extraction will they be able to get their dental implants. No one wants to live with a giant gap in their teeth for very long. Today, however, you can get a dental implant the same day that your tooth was extracted. Not all patients will be candidates for the procedure, but those who are, can come into their dentist’s office and leave with a new tooth all on the same day. Below, we’ll discuss the procedure and how it works as well as why some patients would not be candidates.

Same-Day Dental Implants

These are not permanent dental implants. They are temporary dental implants which hold the place of a permanent dental implant that will be installed later. Nonetheless, the patient does not have to wait three to six months before their teeth look the way they used to. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there is an increased failure rate with this technique.

Why? There are three phases to a dental implant installation. The first involves the tooth extraction. The second involves the installation of the abutment where the tooth will be attached. The third involves the installation of the actual tooth. In most cases, this process will take between three and six months. For the installation to be successful, the titanium abutments must be able to fuse with the jawbone and that takes time. With same-day implants, that doesn’t have a chance to happen. Hence the higher failure rate.

This method requires that there be enough jawbone for the dentist to work with. If erosion has occurred due to periodontal disease, the dentist may have to regrow some of the jawbone before any abutment will be successful.

Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants require at least three months for the titanium abutment to fuse with the jawbone. This is preferred because the abutments are stronger than they would be. However, those with strong jawbones already may qualify for same-day implants or at least get a temporary implant while the abutment is still in the process of fusing.

In rare cases, a patient may be able to get a permanent implant on the same day. Generally speaking, this is because they lost their tooth due to direct trauma and not because the tooth has been eroded over time.

Will I Be Able to Get Same Day Implants?

When you come into Acton Implants, we will conduct a full evaluation of your jawbone to determine if we can safely install an abutment. The hole will be drilled directly into where your tooth was extracted and the implant will be installed. Typically, the process takes at least three months.

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