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No one wants to lose teeth, but unfortunately it is something that many people end up having to deal with. Most people lose teeth later on in life, though teeth may be lost for other reasons as well. People may lose teeth do to damage, decay or disease, in which case they may need to be extracted, but teeth may also be lost due to injury or even simply old age. No matter how you have lost your teeth, you need to consider teeth replacement as soon as possible. When it comes to St. Louis teeth replacement, then we here at ActOn Implants can help you explore your options. You may even be interested in making an investment and dental implants.

There are a variety of different options available when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Usually, the method that may work best for you depends on the nature of the way in which you lost your teeth, which teeth you have lost, as well as just how many teeth are missing. Additional factors such as your budget as well as your personal preferences will also factor into your final decision. But first, you need to have the expert advice of a dentist before moving forward. First, a dentist will thoroughly examine the state of your dental health as well as your current dental geography. This will help to determine which methods of dental replacement you may be eligible for, including dental implants. Since dental implants are surgically inserted, it is important to make sure that your jawbone has sufficient mass to support to the implants and that other factors are in good shape as well. Here at ActOn Implants, our local dentist can help you explore what St. Louis teeth replacement might mean for you. Dental implants can be seen as an investment. Bridges indentures can be used in certain situations, and some people may prefer these methods as well. But for the most part, bridges indentures also see a significant amount of strain and wear and tear over time, so dental implants may actually save you money in the long run if your budget is playing a huge factor in your decision making.

The sooner you have missing teeth replaced, the sooner your dental health can be restored. Living with an incomplete smile can obviously take its toll on your appearance, but it will also take a more serious toll on your dental health. Incomplete smile can put significant amounts of strain your bite as well as on any remaining teeth that you have. Here at ActOn Implants One of our dentist will be glad to meet with you and discuss your options when it comes to St. Louis teeth replacement, including the discussion of dental implants.

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